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Welcome !

My name is Benjamin Hanachowicz, i'm a professionnal photographer based in France.

I specialize in Boudoir photography, but I love to capture the essence of the places I travel to, whenever that's possible.

On this page you'll find some example of my work with resorts, hotels and places I was lucky enough to collaborate with.

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2020: the world we live in

​The Covid19 pandemic hit the tourism industry the hardest around the world, and most businesses are focused on staying afloat while the cash income is the thinnest and vacancy is at it's lowest.


When most people see this as a crisis, I see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to focus on the next step. On what's going to happen when it all comes back to normal. People will want to escape from the day to day anxiety as soon as possible and you need to be ready when they do. Ahead of the competition...

Wether you're a hotel, a spa, a restaurant or other services, you will attract most of your customers through 2 ways : impactful visuals and good reviews on your website and other booking sites.

Having high quality photos that showcase who you are and what you offer adds value to your proposition.


I can't help for the reviews, but I sure can take good pictures !

FineArt Studio - Hyattjpg (21).jpg
FineArt Studio - Hyattjpg (22).jpg
FineArt Studio - Hyattjpg (19).jpg

"It's free advertising..."

I would like to offer my services as a professional photographer to capture high quality, enticing pictures, for you to use as you please.

I know, I know, you don't have the money to spare on photography right now.

But what if there was a way for you to spend no cash and minimum ressources in exchange for high quality visuals ?


Let's help each other

The way I see it, there is a simple way for us to work together.

In exchange for free accomodation and services while we travel to your destination, we'll capture the best pictures and/or videos possible and let you have them for free.

Of course we'll discuss your needs first so that we can provide the most professional service to meet, and hopefully exceed your expectations.

"Showcase architecture

with style"


"Explore your surroundings"


Who we are

​​I am known as FineArt Boudoir, the leader in intimate photography in France. I help women reconnect with their body and heal low self esteem, and I also teach other photographers around the world to master their craft through workshops and online courses (

I have a reach of over 32k organic followers on my main Instagram and over 16k on my travel account (click here)

I will travel with my wife who's also my partner in this enterprise and a model. We're a young, trending couple on social media and you can (if you want) benefit from exposure on both our accounts (over 40k) for free too.

FineArt Studio - Hyattjpg (7).jpg
FineArt Studio - Hyattjpg (2).jpg

"give them a taste of what's to come"

FineArt Studio - Hyattjpg (8).jpg

I would very much like to discuss this further with you. Let's chat over a phone call or text on what'sapp :

Benjamin Hanachowicz

+33 6 52 940 946

You can also send me a Direct Message through instagram :


Let's discuss this further

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